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Please revert the talents "Defender" and Wary Defender before they both got nerfed!


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I know somethings can bug me but....this takes the cake!!!! I haven't played PoE in 3 years...3 YEARS!!! A lot of changes from patches and one of the things that I noticed immediately that 2 of my favorite talents "Defender" and "Wary Defender" got hit hard. The Devs decided to give both a -5 deflection and now they're both useless. Now, I have tried a mod on this site that reverts back to their old attributes, but unfortunately the Author stated that for the mod to work you would have to use Console commands by "Removetalent" and then "Addability" for it to work. I got excited the first time it worked, but I saved my game and logged off and then came back a few hours later...the stupid talents went back to -5 deflection. Soooo I was wondering if any Modders out there that could possibly help me out create a mod that can fix the -5 or fix the mod that I downloaded? Thanks!

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