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Bard is not......


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Just ran through this problem myself. YT video didn't help.


Reading the hastily-scribbled info at the Steam link, I was able to figure it out:


1. Open the external world view of your house (not the inside, but where the map marker/front door/entrance is).

2. Go to WorldData>Location in the Object Window, and select the Location of your player home (i.e. Whiterun Hold, etc)

3. Right-click in the list of locations (under the EditorID column to the right, NOT in the main Object Window list), and select New.

4. Give the location a name and select the Reference in the Render Window (map marker, etc) and set the Radius to include your house (I selected the map marker, and set the radius to 512, though I'm sure that's either too big or too small), then set the Parent Location to wherever your house is situated (i.e. Whiterun Hold, etc). Click OK until those windows close.

5. Your house should now be in the list under the main Location (i.e. Whiterun Hold, etc). Edit that entry and set the Keyword as LocTypeInn.

5. Right-click on your house in the Cell View window and Edit. When you click the Location dropbox on the Common Data tab, you should see your place in the list. Set it as a Public Area on the Interior Data tab.


I did all that and now my Bard does her thang. :D

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