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Battletech LongWar?


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Fantasizing here- Xcom modding has spoiled me, so in the vein of game changers like LW, here are what I think a good Battletech LW may look like:

Cost is prohibitive in that tonnage costs money. If you can afford to field nothing but Assault Mechs, go for it, but you're guaranteed to lose LOTS of money by the time the battle is through, and repairs are done.

Phases are kept, but move and attack orders are plotted while paused. Mechs of a phase execute all orders simultaneously once all orders are plotted and confirmed. During each phase, a Mech has a movement and an attack. First, you pick what weapons you'll attack with, if any. Second, you plot your course. Along that course,you'd pick what your target or targets are, and when you will start your attack(s). Movements can be greatly increased if an attack is not planned. An Alpha Strike can be plotted if there are no moves. The higher the quantity of different weapons are used in an attack, the less the distance a Mech can move. Melee strikes carry a movement restriction based on the Mech's melee capability, where better melee ratings hit harder but carry a larger movement restriction upon execution.

By default, Mech classes carry a movement restriction, with the heavier classes being incapable of moving as far as the lighter weight classes. Within each class, a weight/distance ratio applies to payload and engine type. Mechs with better engines are much, much more expensive to repair, and the space they consume in a given Mech's torso remove some available space for weapons or modifications, such as gyros.

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