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Mods for Multiplayer Games


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It depends on the game of course, but any multiplayer game server worth a damn will check for alteration of the game's files and kick the offender off, if they don't 100% match.


There's also multiplayer games where modding, to a point, is allowed though. But the changes can you do in these are of course rather visual in nature, like better textures, different skins, visually improved menus and the like, and the developers will sure take care nothing of it will give you an unfair advantage over those not using such mods.


And then, last but not least, there's also the third kind, where using mods is allowed even up to a game-changing point, but then everyone intending to join the server will have to be using the exact same mods, no more, no less. And still, I'm pretty convinced, cheating kinds of mods won't be allowed even on those games and servers. What's the point in doing a Death Match, when everybody's using an Invincibility/God Mode mod?

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