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SKSE64 CTD When Loading Saves.


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Okay I installed skse64 with a few mods and I can play the game and save the game just fine. Everything seems to work execpt when I try to load the game I just saved. I can't load any saves with the game cause a CTD. I uninstall all mods that aren't needed and try my luck with a brand new game and try to save the game and load the new save. It still causes a CTD. I can load the game though the steam menu and I can load the game without skse64 just fine with my mods working that don't need skse64.


I can start a new game with skse64 and play for a few hours without issue it just won't load any saved games. But I can load the saves without skse64 just fine. Even if they used skse64. I can load the saved games that dont use skse64 just fine.


I don't know whats broken in my game. I can't load saves that use skse64. But I can load save game that used skse64 as long as I loaded that save without skse64 and the saved over that save. Anyone else have this issue?

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