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Thaneship and arresting


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I have been looking for a mod, that doesn't seem to exist, at least from my searching. So I am now hoping for someone to make this mod. The principle of the mod is relatively simple, I need a mod that allows me, as thane, of a hold to arrest people in that hold, like Nazeem, not permanently, but temporarily, withing the hold prison. It would also be nice if the arresting affected your relationship with the NPC negatively. And a bonus feature if possible; if the (non-essential) NPC were to be arrested enough times, they could potentially be executed. Even better would be if you needed to give the guards a proper reason for the arrest, let's take Nazeem as an example, the reasoning for his arrest could be harrasment of, not just you as a thane, but other citizens of the hold. Because he does that. It would really give some filling to being thane, like if you arrest a lot of people, others would be scared of you, or if your reasoning for the arrestments aren't good enough, the guards might not listen to your arrest order.

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