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downloaded Mods not in Plugins


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sorry im new here and tried to install some mods, but only one (Inigo V2_3) worked. The other three (Green Grass for ENB, sCaR´s Dramatic Lighting ENB, Skyrim HD-2K Textures-Complete Full) are downloaded and installed, but they dont work. They are not in the plugins. I reinstalled Skyrim (Vanilla, not SE) und re-installed them, but nothing changed. Then i checked SkyrimPrefs and "bEnableFileSelection" is 1 (bEnableFileSelection=1). Also, i startet Skyrim with SKSE and the three mods still dont work...

I am using NMM 0.65.2 only for Skyrim Vanilla. I attached a picture .


Can someone help me? I tried my best and i am sorry if this is the wrong place to post this...

Thank you for your answers!

Greetings from Germany


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they aren't supposed to be in plugins

ENB mods just add the enb ini file , and the other two are texture mods , so none of these are supposed to have plugins in them

if they don't work , it's probably either due to you not installing them correctly , not setting up your game for modding , or not having the requirements

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