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[PoE II Modding Resource] Vendor Assigned (Nexus Mods)

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How stated in other threads using the same loot list ends to an incompatibility issue with other mods, so would be a good behavior check here before assign an item to a lootlist (vendor) .

Here the list of the vendors already used by modders on Nexus Mods

I will try to take it updated.

Post here if you use a vendor not mentioned here.


Trinkets is using Sanza's Map Emporium

Grimoires of the Master Specializations is using Norgund at upper floor of Kraken's Eye

Amir Spellbook is using Dark Cupboard

The Bloody Blossom is using Marihi shop

God equip is using the fish vendor in Neketaka

The Bad and the Mercurial Ring is using Thoren in Lower Floor of Kraken's Eye (Lootlist ID:"2b57b471-18fa-471c-b00b-098c0c6831fa")

Hand Cannons and other Things is using the Shady merchant at Port Maje ( ID:"a2922db1-af06-4b47-ac52-3c6e76f18c67")

TT1 Unique Items is using Wild Mare

The Red Hand is using Eofania in Sātahuzi
Saint Cazza's Crown is using Henric, the weapons merchant in Port Maje

Store Zilbest's New Overpowered Unique Equipments is using Berath's Blessing Store

Baldur The Difficulty-Scaling Pig-Buddy is using fishmonger in Port Maye



Thnks toTT1 for the original list

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Great! I'll update that on my description so no one get's confused: The shady merchant and Norgund are one and the same. Shady merchant is his name in the files and I forgot to check when I was uploading.


So your mod clash with the one of garten




maybe could be a better idea change vendor, but it's your choice.

Good job btw :)

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