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Questions for the modders


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Hi everyone!


I hope this is the right section :smile:.


I'm just curious to get some advice coming from modders in general. We are a team and creating a game called Reworld Online www.reworldonline.com (the new website is for the next week).

To make it short, we are inspired by Ultima Online and want to mix it with some features like xp increase over time (great for freedom and could be a nice tool for RolePlay) and towns evolutions, you can call it a sandbox mmorpg.


We want to build a game made to be modded by the community and the logic move to do is to ask your advice and get to know each other!


What would you like to see on those games?


Thanks for the answers, and we welcome any help we can get J.


Discord : https://discord.gg/sBsNMS


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