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Excellent Extensions, marvellous Menus - expired6978


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LeonidasNerevar wrote: It's guys like this that make me love the modding community.

Indeed. expired6978 is a true hero!
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You are a god expired6978 :D ...I'm truly humbled by your awesomeness and very grateful for you... Blessed be. I want to learn how to code because of you. I have severe ADD tho and conventional learning methods are a problem for me. I could use some pointers from other ADD programmers on how to deal with this disability.

I made a video featuring your FO4 mod "Unlimited Companion Framework". I love it! In my video I wanted people to see that your claim of having unlimited followers was true, so I recruited 82 followers to run around with. Lol... I did it for the video of course, but I have caught myself, in game, running around with over 20 followers at times. My game was very playable with 82 followers, which blew me away. I had problems playing with that many followers when I was rendering the game footage for the video tho. I would like to know if you tested "Unlimited Companion Framework" with that many followers. Lol, there may not have been that many follower mods available for ya during development tho. Thank you so much for all that you have done for us expired6978. Here's my video link if you would like to see it.

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