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Assassin's Creed Origins: Can it be fully modded?


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Can Assassin's Creed Origins be modded? I understand there's a few "mods" out there, but there's a bigger mod I'm looking into.


Is there any way to contact or even hire game modders to make a mod for me?

I've heard stories Ubisoft game are just such a pain to crack, and even harder to mod. What I'm essentially wanting is the ability to play as an Anubis soldier from the Origins DLC "Curse of the pharaohs."

Origins has a system in-game called the "Animus Control Panel" which was Ubisoft's way to allow people to "mod" their game in simplistic ways, including changing your character model to a bunch of different in-game characters. Sadly, they never bothered putting in the DLC characters into this system, most likely because they're back to their silly "yearly release titles" and have basically stopped working on Origins.

I hope I could just somehow mod the game so I can have the Anubis guard model, and play as them, much like how in the Animus Control Panel, you can play SO many other characters just fine. I think Ubisoft was just too lazy to include the DLC characters, and decided to just move on.

If there's anyone out there that has ideas or ways I can get a hold of someone that mods, or if it's even possible.



If this is the wrong forum, I am sorry. I'm not too sure where to best put this.

Thanks for reading!

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