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Project Spotlight: Beyond Skyrim - Cyrodiil


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tejanabena wrote: Do we know if the Atmora, and Morrowind projects have been released for Beyond Skyrim? What of the others? Did they decide to stop? There wasn't much in the way of updated information from the website.

Check the youtube channel, thats where they post all their dev diaries. As of right now all projects are being worked on in some fashion. While no date is set, the pre-releases for Iliac Bay (Three Kingdoms) and Morrowind (The New North) are getting closer to release, as are the full releases of the smaller projects like Roscrea and Atmora (though they are likely due further out). Currently the only new land that has been released is Bruma, however they do have an additional mod called "Wares of Tamriel" that you should check out.
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SmedleyDButler wrote:

Here's proof that Beyond Skyrim: Cyrodiil has gone Skyrim SE-exclusive direct from BS - Bruma's very own Wiki page folks:


Further proof: https://i.imgur.com/PEl0Oy5.png

Oldrim's 32 bit engine simply cannot handle exceptionally large worldspaces/maps like Cyrodiil. The full release of BS: Cyrodiil/other Beyond Skyrim mod projects won't come to X-Box One due to Micro$oft's 5 GB space cap for mods. PS4 users are entirely SOL when it comes to any Beyond Skyrim content due to Sony's outright ban on any external assets in mods for their platform.


That's from 2017. I was relying on the same outdated information you're referring to.


The information posted above by phillipjohnmc is much more recent.

No, he is right. In fact, they mention it in almost every dev stream. Here is one from 5 months ago (and yes, I do realize I am responding to a comment from a year and a half ago. I just want everybody to be on the same page). 
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