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What are your favorite Legend of Zelda games and why?


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I can honestly never decide if Ocarina of Time is my favorite or if Twilight Princess is my favorite.

for the 3D Zelda games that is.


I personally like the presentation of both the stories and the stories themselves more than all the others. As well as the gameplay and music. Majora's Mask and The Windwaker are both a close second and third respectively. But I place Majora's Mask, Link's Awakening and the Oracle games in a separate line of favorites because they are so different from the rest. Not containing Zelda or Hyrule.


However, of the 2D Zelda games, for me it's pretty hard not to say that Link's Awakening is the pitch perfect form of the 2D Zelda formula! Minus the system limitation of only having two buttons for weapons it's far and beyond the greatest Zelda gameplay experience! I think it's crafted perfectly in all aspects. Including dungeon design, music, presentation, story, feel, and the overall tone of being shipwrecked on an island that had manifested from the dreams of the divine Windfish, who was cursed by Ganon to sleep for eternity. And for a hero to find the island and to awaken him. Lest they both stay trapped, in a dream, forever!

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For me it's a tie between Majoras Mask(Original, NOT the 3DS remake!) and Wind Waker.


Recently I've been playing the randomizer for Wind Waker, it's been fun!

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