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Avatar and Vagrants Mod (Originally from NWN2 Vault)


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I found a mod that I would like to use; the Avatars and Vagrants mod found here: http://nwvault.ign.com/View.php?view=NWN2HakpaksOriginal.Detail&id=127. However, there are a few problems. The first is that it isn't even for the latest patch of the game, it's for patch 1.00, according to the page. That means it doesn't work with SoZ or MotB at all. The second is, of course, that it is not compatible with Kaedrin's PrC mods, even if it worked with the fully patched game in the first place. It uses a modified dialog.tlk, which I'm told is a real pain to edit, as well. And finally, even if all those issues were fixed, there is the problem that the majority of the features of the Avatar class in particular would probably be difficult to fix to get working, even if all of the above were fixed, I am willing to wager. For now, I can't really tell you which version of Kaedrin's PrC that I am using, but when I get that information, I will be sure to let you know in this post here, in an edit.


Effectively, what I am asking, is that some kind soul find the time to get the mod in the link above to be able to work with Kaedrin's PrC pack and whatever edits it makes, as well as actually working with the main game, as I like the idea of a character that can do just about everything. Without it, some of the ideas I have for character backgrounds kind of fall flat on their face.


Anyway, if anyone does decide to pick this idea up, I thank you.


Edit: Honestly if anyone does make it, the newest version of Kaedrin's will do for the compatability. However, I can't seem to find an actual download link for it.

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