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modding HUD dds files


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i just tried to use a edited dds file for the hud...the "hud_main.dds" to be exact; i compressed it with BC3 without mipmaps but it doesnt load.


then i tried it uncompressed ==> does not load. tried some other compression methods and even with mipmaps(dont think the are needed, correct me if im wrong) but had no luck so far.


im using Gimp with dds plugin, also tried it in paint.net no luck yet; didnt try every compression.


after some research i came across the unsplitting tool https://wiki.nexusmods.com/index.php/Textures_and_Images for Starcitizen, but since these HUD files are not split, i dont think i need it in this case.


whats confusing, the file size of other HUD_mods (not all) is about 4 times bigger than the original file (512kb)



here i should read "is opened"



please, can someone tell how i get the files i changed properly loaded?

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