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[Tutorial] Making a material shiny, wet, etc


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First, read up on these tutorials:




So, after the material index, is the material data. Each entry starts with material texture refs, then some references to something I don't know (they aren't textures. After that are some switches, and then a bunch of float values. After that is another material entry with more texture refs.


The part you want to edit is the float values. Each line of the float values corresponds to how the material is shaded. This includes color, wetness, shininess, etc. Play around with these float values, then reload and check the effects.


Which line does what should differ between each material, so I think there's no way to know without experimentation.



Edit: I tried this on the skin material and wasn't able to get it to look like wet skin.

But when I tried it on a cloth material, I was able to make it look shiny in several different ways.

So it really depends on the material.

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I see people invert skin and armor(underwear) for Buff body, so the skin part will automaticly fit the face and allows underwear to be editble. How did they do that? Some values only apply to armor like all the debuffs and some only for skin like those parameters for makeups. I want add glossy, metallic and luminesent to armor color editing and those debuff effect directly on skin, but haven't a clue where to start.

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