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problem with modeling 3DS max 2014


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Hello good guys !

If I win I be able to create the best mod of skyrim ever. I'm new with this software and I can't find the selection one-by-one polygon I've try everything and I can't find usefull tutorial. I try also to retexure Merhunes Dagon from Oblivion to add him in Skyrim SE.

Does anyone know how to retexture or select one by-one polygon ? Basic tools I know... If I Add Merhunes Dagon in Skyrim, how do i can make him move or use his 4 hands ? Do I use Skyrim creation kit for

this ? If you are french you can speak me french because I know there is a lot of French here. If you have another advice I'm here.



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first up, there are tons of tutorials for 3ds max on youtube and on the net - i recomend http://wiki.polycount.com/wiki/Tutorials or start here https://knowledge.autodesk.com/support/3ds-max

When you import an object into Max it appears usually as an editable mesh which you should convert into a editable poly as that gives you more tools to work with but is not necessary and has no effect on the end result.
To select a polygon, a face, an edge or point just simply use the selection option normal directly located under the Stack menu
to change the mesh into a poly right click on the mesh inside the stack selection and choose poly


To make a character move you need a skeleton (which he has also in Oblivion), the Character need to be than rigged so that the skeleton moves all the limps. If that is done you can create animation sequences for the whole character. Finally bring every thing together in the Creation Kit.

There is a lot you need to learn to do all that, so jump in read tons of tutorials and good luck




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