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Missing HearthFires.esm From Skyrim


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I really new to modding and everything that comes with it. My brother normally does all this techy stuff for me, but I understand basics and read through everything. I'd go to my brother for this stuff but I can't. He's gone for work and won't be back anytime soon. I can't reach him where he is either. I'm on my own for a few months.

He downloaded a repack of the legendary addition that includes all of the expansions. I don't think it's Fitgirl, it's something Russian. Not much help, sorry. (I know stealing the game is bad but I already bought it on X-Box and didn't want to re-buy the game. I did buy it, just not of the form I now switched too. I just don't want to buy the game twice. That's fair, right?) I know Hearthfire is there, I can adopt kids and build houses and all that just fine. But when trying to add my first mod, and the only one I really want, the Interesting NPC mod, it comes up with the error "Missing HearthFires.esm" The solutions I've found seem to only be for legitimate games and say to go to steam and have them fix it. Can't really do that. I know it can work because my brother's computer has the same Skyrim with the Interesting NPC's mod (Plus like a thousand more), so I don't know what I'm doing wrong.


So, Illegitimate Skyrim, trying to mod the Interesting NPC mod but getting the error "Missing HearthFires.esm".


Would really love any help, thank you :D

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