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Very Odd Console Issue


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Okay so there is a new update to Fo4 (120) and I found that I can not open the console anymore. When I hit the ~ key, instead of the shaded area on the lower screen and the standard input cursor in the left hand corner, I just get an arrow cursor that floats around with the mouse until I hit the ~ key again. After experimenting with everything I could meddle with I found that for some reason removing the "bInvalidatOlderFiles=1" line from my Fallout4Custom.ini would allow the console to activate as normal again.


Why the …. would this suddenly happen and could there be something going on with the new Fo4 and F4SE that could get such a hiccup.


I am running mods but in an effort to figure this out I was disabling and enabling different mods and load orders to track down the issue, then started all over again with fresh ini files and that's when I narrowed it down, so I don't think it had anything to do with mods since I get the same results with or without the majority of them running. the only mods I kept running were looksmenu and hair/looks related stuff.


So I guess what I'm asking is, has this cropped up on anyone else? Should I just step back down to 114? or is there something else I probably brain cramped here, noob that I am.

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