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A Player Home Built for Jaxonz Positioner


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After all these years living in Skyrim, I have found one mod that makes a replay in Skyrim as fun as the first time:




Or the one or two other mods out there that do similar stuff, I forget their name.


I see all these cool things like Namira's Altar when I'm out and about. I want that it in my house. A few keystrokes and it is!


But I've never found a house mod that is really built with Jaxonz Positioner in mind.


So, a new mod idea. How about a well designed house - thoughtful room placement, architectural detailing, a treasure vault to stash my loot and hide various legendary artifacts, a location with a cinematic view - but with no auto sort chests, treasure displays, static clutter models, etc. Maybe Hearthfire compatible or maybe not. Just beautifully designed empty rooms. The mod author provides the canvas and then let the player paint the picture, via a positioner type mod. Every player gets a chance to realize their dream with a truly custom house.


Anyone interested?

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Why not just use one of the buildable houses, but without building any of the interior objects? As an example, build Lakeview Manor and the three wings for it, but then don't use the inside construction benches and instead furnish it by placing tables, etc, with Positioner instead of the workbenches in the house. You don't even need to use one of the Hearthfire houses, there are mods that add new houses using a similar system that would work too.


Or you could get one of those mods that lets you create a custom building from scratch, like Woodcutter or Atronach Crossing, and plan the layout yourself to some degree.

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Hello and thank you for the suggestion.


I tried Atronach Crossing. For now at least, it is limited to a few stock buildings that are basically vanilla buildings that you can place wherever you want.


Let me give you an example of what I imagine:


There is an excellent mod called Nchuzrezzar. I'm sure the whole thing is excellent but there is a single part of it that I liked so much. In the quest to upgrade the house, you are sent into a dwemer ruin that is one big cube of a room. And that ruin is an excellent blank canvas in which I did build my own player house. It was awesome! But... there were problems. I found I could place decorative things like Namira's Altar but adding a room sometimes worked, sometimes not. Sometimes the add-on room would just disappear after quitting and loading the next day. It seems maybe Jaxonz is good at placing items in a room but building a room is taking it too far.


Thus, I think perhaps if someone built something like Aemer's Refuge or Rayek's End or Legend of the Eagle's Nest but left it empty - that would be the perfect blank canvas. If the house/castle/hideout whatever was designed to be empty, then perhaps the issues I had with the Nchuzrezzar dwemer ruin would not happen. Maybe it could be Hearthfire compatible so the player could build furniture, sure, but mainly empty so the player can Jaxonz the whole place to their heart's content.



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