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Try out my ARK server! *Windows 10*


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Hey all!

Not sure if this is done alot but, here's hoping this works. I thought I'd do a little advertising. I'm running a PVP server via NITRADO and I was hoping to welcome as many additional players to the server as possible. I'm trying to run a map with a fantasy/viking/game of thrones feel to it. I'm keeping it vanilla friendly so that you still feel a sense of accomplishment for what you've built/earned BUT I have changed some settings around to accommodate for players who can't dedicate their time 24/7 to the game. Character/dino transfers are allowed. Just DM me first as a courtesy. All additional details will be listed below for anyone that is interested. ð

Platform: Windows 10 microsoft store via PC/ Xbox One

Server Name: RAGNAROK - 4xTame2xGather - BeginnerFriendly - VANILLA

Slots: 32 (Will increase if player base ever increases)

Map: Ragnarok

Game Changes:

  • 4x Tame
  • 2x Harvest
  • 0.25x Thirst/Hunger
  • 2 hours day time/ 30 hours night time
  • NO wipes
  • NO structure decay


  • (Preffered) Steam: SeriouslySarcastic1
  • Xbox: SerslySarcastic

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