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[MOD Request] Unguent Crafting

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Okay, so... I'm really enjoying my Mindstalker run in Deadfire... but pumping points into Stealth means I'm lacking in the Mechanics necessary to gain access all the sick loot I'm running into.

Is anyone working on, or aware of, a crafting mod that allows me to use my Alchemy skill to craft Unguents? I feel like the upgrades to stealth mechanics have made my assassin super fun to play, but I'm constantly running out of Thieves Putty. I mean, I can craft an Implosion Charge... but can't find some chalk and lilacs to smash into a cosmetics container?

I'm curious if this is possible, and if not what efforts are needed to make it happen?

PS: Either way, f*#@ing legit love all you modders out there.

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