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How to post / request support for Vortex


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In order for us to be able to troubleshoot and investigate potential issues with Vortex it is crucial that you provide us with all pertinent information and a concise description of the problem at hand. The more clearly you communicate your issue, the more likely we are to provide assistance and improve Vortex. Please, bear in mind that this forum is intended for Vortex support requests. If you would like to report a bug, or if you have a suggestion, please use the Vortex feedback system which can be accessed from within Vortex (three dots in the top right > Send Feedback).


If you come across a post by a user that is lacking information, please, point them to this forum topic and highlight the fact that they need to provide more information about their setup and system.


It is in your best interest to be as precise as possible so we, as well as other users, can try our best to help you. So, please, be polite and respectful in your report, follow forum etiquette, and describe your issue in a comprehensible manner.



1. Crucial information that we need in order to help you


Which version of Vortex are you on?


We need to know which version of Vortex you are using as some issues are unique to older versions and may have already been fixed in the latest build.

To look up which version you are using: click on the three dots in the top right corner and select "About".


What game are you trying to mod with Vortex?


Different games come with different Vortex features, deployment methods, or even UI elements. We need to know which game you are using Vortex with so we can properly investigate your issue.


How many mods do you have installed?


Some issues might be down to a very large number of mods being used. Providing us with a ballpark number might help us identify the issue at hand.


What environment are you running Vortex on?


At times it might be important for us to know what Windows version you are using, how much RAM you have available, as well as whether your system architecture is x64 or x86 (Note: x86 means you are running a 32-bit copy of Windows, x64 is 64-bit).



2. Be precise and concise in your report


Starting by choosing a descriptive topic name, you should try to communicate your issue in a concise and precise manner. After providing the version of Vortex that you are on, as well as the game that you are using Vortex with, please, lay out the issue that you are experiencing, what you were trying to do when the error occurred, as well as any error messages that you might have received. Moreover, let us know about any steps you might have taken in order to solve the issue yourself.


It is of utmost importance that you provide us with the exact wording of any (error) message that Vortex is producing, rather than trying to describe it in your own words.



3. Provide helpful screenshots and/or log files


If possible, provide screenshots of any error messages (you can use imgur.com to upload your images), Vortex UI issues, or your particular mod or plugin setup. Further, in some cases, it might be helpful if you provide your Vortex log files which you can find in %AppData%/Roaming/Vortex.

  • To access that folder hold your Windows Key + R
  • Type in %appdata% and hit Enter
  • Open the Vortex folder

Look for text documents named Vortex, Vortex1, Vortex2 etc. The most recent one will be the log file that is most relevant to your issue. You can upload it to a hosting platform of your choice, or copy paste the content of that log file in your post (please use the spoiler tag in that case).



4. Address any follow-up questions staff might have


If one of the admins (Dark0ne, Tannin42, BigBizkit, Pickysaurus) responds to your report with further questions about your issue, please, try to answer these questions providing more specific information if possible. If you do not respond to our follow-up questions within a reasonable amount of time, we will conclude that the issue did not persist or you were since able to resolve it.



5. Examples of what to do (and what not to do)


Good example report:

Topic: No deployment method available (0.16.5)

I am using Vortex version 0.16.5 and I am trying to mod Fallout 4. I am using Windows 10, x64, and I have 16gb of RAM. I am only using a handful of mods (12) but I am receiving an error message saying "No deployment method available" right from the start, as I have only just now installed Vortex for the first time.

Here's a screenshot of that error message: <screenshot>

This report is short and to the point while providing all pertinent information. The topic title already conveys which version the user is on and what their issue is.



Bad example report:

Topic: Vortex not working

I cannot run Vortex with my game, I just get an error. Can anyone help?


This report is very vague and entirely devoid of information. We only know that the user is having some sort of issue, but we do not know which version they are on, what the issue is, what game they are trying to mod etc. In this case, we cannot help them until they have answered several questions.



6. What we cannot help you with


At times people post in the Vortex support forum with requests for help related to their load order, mod setup, or bugs they experience in the game. Unfortunately, if it is apparent that these issues are not related to Vortex, but rather to the mods themselves - be it faulty textures, meshes, or scripts - we cannot help you and the appropriate place to ask would be in the corresponding mod troubleshooting subforums e.g.:


Skyrim Mod Troubleshooting

Skyrim Special Edition Mod Troubleshooting

Fallout 4 Mod Troubleshooting

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