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HDT-SMP issues


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I have been tinkering with bouncy/jiggly version of my 'qahnaarin' clothes' for a while now, and while i have everything that i wanted, i have this annoying issue where if i keep moving, breasts and butt of the player character go straight through the ground, and sometimes even stay there. As soon as i stop moving, the said pieces of mesh right themselves up pretty quickly, and sometime i have to just move a camera for them to behave well. .. i would like to know why that happens, from someone who's very well versed in SMP physics system, and let me know if problem is in the meshes, or my own setup.


dunno what else to say.. opening console also makes B&B's sink through the floor, while closing it makes it as it never happened xD, and also pausing and unpausing the game makes the B&B's do a quick, small jolt. .. and jitters and sinks on rocky ground..?


lemme know if someone would want to have a go at it,, so i may see how to send the file to you in private.

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