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Why is my camera going wrong?


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Hi all,


I'm currently using 3dsMAX 2015 with the HAVOK tools to import and export Fallout 4 .hkx animation files to play in game, and more specifically animating the camera to create cinematic movement in game.


Now, I have managed this and created a path for the camera in 3dsmax and it does play in game but it seems that it does not follow the path that it is meant to, the one that the camera example shows in 3dsmax.


Is there any reason as to why this is happening? Could I be missing something simple that would stop the camera from lagging behind the character?


There have been a number of people on youtube who have achieved this without any issue so it must be fairly easy. But they are extremely hard to get hold of to ask directly.



Here is a video to help explain what I mean. The camera doesnt follow the person exactly and they go out of frame. I think the camera IS doing what it is meant to, but the person still goes out of frame so maybe the walking movement is the issue.


Any ideas?





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