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Looking for help resizing NIFs


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I don't really understand anything about it, but I tried to resize using NifSkope first. That resized the model (it needs to be 50% it's size max), but the collision remained unchanged. Much of a problem, if the model is quite large. Also the model in question has some distinct shape that can't just be replace with that of, say, a shipping crate. I originally understood that resizing collision can only be done with 3ds max. But someone then pointed me to the possibility of creating and resizing static collections in the CK, and I tried that. But when I exported the NIF, it had no collision at all. I have no idea what went wrong :smile:


While the original problem has been solved by someone sending me a suitable NIF, I'd really like to know what I did wrong re the missing collision. I might add that I'm a complete total utter noob when it comes to 3d applications. You give me a model, I script some cool s*** around it. But otherwise mostly just scratching my head and worrying to click anything in irrational fear of f***ing everything up.

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