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3D artist asking for help (3dsmax import)


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So I'm in love with Kenshi, since release I'm playing it daily, something I don't do since Skyrim :v, actually, I'm quite astounded that someone didn't issue the big, fat and old elephant in the room... I'm talking about the vanilla meshes and their...um...defects. So since no one already volunteered to revamp the models for the humanoids and since we already have a pretty good community part map (https://www.nexusmods.com/kenshi/mods/279/) some tweaks would make the body more...interesting.

I'm not planning on revamping the textures but the models would be a nice start, (at least getting some...details into it)


But first I need to know how to import the OG files into my 3dsmax to export to zbrush... And since i know fudgeall about scripting and programming I can't figure out how to make Ogre work...


What I'm trying to say is that if someone would kindly help me figure out how to import .mesh files into 3ds max it would be a nice start for a major revamp :)


Thanks for answering!

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