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Hi there,


first, thank you for all the effort you made for creating all the amazing mods. I spent a lot of funtime enjoying these.


Started to make my own mods for Sims4, I got soon bored of the limits the game sets to your options (sound and gameplay). So I decided to make my own 3d game which should be graphically as realistic as possible, based on the following creation software:

meshroom: for photogrammetry to get realistic meshes and textures,

blender: for scripting

animaker: for voices reading the texts.




To get the Matrix world populated I thought of some rewarding system for modded content, in form of the blockchain technology. Mods get an adress (coin), when the users downloads it, a unique computed variation of the adress(coin) is stored in the game (wallet). If the user wants updates on mods he/she can pay a small sum to the creator.

Of course, everything is as encrypted as it can be.


So, here are my questions:

Is the .package format usable in terms of copyright from EA?

If yes, which engine can be used?


Thanks for reading. Please give some advice on how to start the project or what you think of it.

Lets bring modding to a new level. Greetings :-)

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