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Hi, all!


Ok, so, I'd like to introduce myself a little bit. I'm an aspiring movie director/producer. I'll try to keep this all short and sweet cause I personally hate long readings xD


One of my life's dreams is to make a series of movies about Dragon Age, and I think with a volunteer voice actors and some very cinematic looking mods, that

I can do a sort of "rough draft" of that right now, that I can perhaps later use as a sort of sales pitch in my portfolio :D


So, if anyone wants to volunteer as a voice actor, feel free to. Just reply here or DM me. The character being voiced will be Aedan Cousland. It will be the human noble origin (of course xD) with a main romance of Morrigan, but also Ser Gilmore & Zevran. So if you think you'd be good for that, let me know.


Also, I'm very open to suggestions regarding the "cinematic" mods that will be used so feel free to comment what you think will be good for it, but try to only suggest mods that will be compatible with the following since I will most definitely be using them in the project:


1. CSS Human Noble Origins Morphs

2. Noble Couslands of Ferelden

3. Of Noble Cast/Obsidian's Nobler Noble (haven't really decided which to use yet)

4. DA2 Isabela and Flemeth to DAO

5. Flemeth Update

6. Tinimaus and SarahCousland's - the Rescue at Ishal

7. DahliaLynn's Sleep Until Dawn

8. DahliaLynn's - Alistair's Nightmare

9. Fare ye well Duncan

10. Farewell Ser Gilmore

11. Ser Gilmore companion NPC - Fully Voiced

12. Ser Gilmore's First Night Romance Scene Addon

13. Extra Sex Scenes for Ser Gilmore NPC

14. Vivat Regina - Anora Mac Tir (still iffy on this one. haven't tested to see if it's compatible with the other things I want to use. if you know, let me know.)

15. Lothering Hawke of Ferelden/Edr Hawke Family in Lothering/Female Hawke at Ostagar/Ser Wesley and Aveline in the Lothering Chantry

16. Morrigan - The Witch of the Wilds/Practical Morrigan Robe

17. Grey Wardens of Ferelden

18. Chantry of Ferelden

19. Templars of Ferelden

20. Mages of Ferelden

21. Battle Speech Party


Also, if someone good at modding would like to volunteer to remake some of the cutscenes in the game to have the NPC's use their modded outfits (i.e. Vivat Regina's Anora in her pre-recorded cutscenes, Duncan in the Grey Warden Commander's armor in his prerecorded cutscenes, Riordan in Grey Warden armor, etc.) that'd be great.


Look forward to hearing what you guys have to say, and remember: Life's a catch. May I suggest you catch it while you can? xD

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