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I am not a mod maker. I just like downloading and installing mods. Here is an ambitious one that might actually be do-able:


So you have the Militarized Minute Men. You have the FCOM. You've organized your Army into squads with enough firepower to perhaps take on the brotherhood of steel. What else is there? *Preston Garvey steps in* "Another settlement..." NO! not again! shame on you!.


But i'm not talking about that. I am talking about radiant quests: Settlements under attack, Kidnappings, clearing out threats, Raiders etc. They can get annoying. I have better things to do, I am the general, Shouldn't I be able to delegate my troops to handle it? I have things to do, But I want to keep my settlers safe. And I have an army to do so. Immersion!


So this would be an add-on to FCOM to handle radiant quests only. This is how I would imagine it (lets stick with the minute men as an example):


1. You get the usual Radio broad message from the Castle saying a settlement is under attack.


2. You would get a popup giving you several options

-Send in Squad (X) to help

-Send in Squad (X) to help, I will join them shortly

-I will handle this myself.


3. Roger, (X) Squad is on the way.


4. The Squad will reach the Settlement and engage in battle or the Squad meets up with you and you defend the settlement as normal. The Former can be done 1 of two ways:

A. An % chance (increased or decreased based on who you send) that the settlement will SUCCEED in fending off this attack (you not being there to watch)

B. You end up going to the settlement and watch the battle unfold from a distance.


5. The battle is either won or lost BUT: whether or not the settlement is damaged and you have sent in troops; the morale of the settlement DOES NOT GO DOWN because of it.


Bonus: Lets say there is a radiant mission outside of the settlement (I.E. Kidnappings, nearby raiders, feral ghouls) and you don't have time to deal with that Then See step 2. This is the more ambitious part of the equation. If I happen to travel to the mission location for a kidnapping rescue: I want to see a Squad of minutemen already there engaging in hostiles in the area and freeing the prisoner. (Again if you are not there see Step 4A and Step 5)


So essentially this mod is for Players who want the freedom to do the main quests/side quests/Exploration without having to deal with fail-able radiant quests but still want to be allied/lead with a specific faction. (Mostly Minute Men as the other factions have less time limits) Possible Options would include whether you want XP or Caps from said quest and Random loot in a Spoils of war chest if quest is successful.

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