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Nifskope Edit UV does not show object mesh


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Hello there. I want to start by stating that I have looked around online for my specific issue, and not even the YouTube tutorials that I have found could help. I also searched this forum and found a nifskope post here which did not address my issue.


I imported a new object, an .obj file into Outfit studio, connected it to the outfit, figured out how to weight the vertices and exported it as a .nif file. It shows up in Fallout 3 just fine. I then mapped a texture to it and the texture shows up but is not aligned properly.


Now here is where it gets weird. Nifskope's UV editor does not show the mesh for the new object. It shows meshes for the other objects, but not the new one. All I see is one dot at the corner of the texture.

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I see. I guess that makes sense. I am new to 3D modeling, Lots of trial and error and what not. Thanks for the tip.


Edit: Got it! Did the UV unwrap in Blender. adjusted with nifskope, and now it works! Thanks again!

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