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[Request] Controller bindings (modifiers, etc.)


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So great to see people modding this game. I currently have the split-screen ready version of extended quick slots, as well as enable sitting (for the meditation mod). The problem is, there is only one free binding available for controller (clicking on the left thumbstick). I only play this game split-screen with my wife, so it's imperative that I can bind everything to a controller.


It would be great if someone could figure out how to make the game accept button combinations for bindings - for example, if you could press the left thumbstick button and the y button together to sit down. Or press the thumbstick button and a trigger together to switch quickslots.


Alternatively if someone could just figure out how to allow keyboard bindings for the second split screen player, that could also work - assuming you can set up unique keyboard controls for each player.

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I ve seen nucleuscoop to be a reasonable splitscreen manager for theese kind of situations

Here it is a link related to this particular subject: https://www.reddit.com/r/localmultiplayergames/comments/bxyx7a/outward_4_player_local_splitscreen_coop/

I would also reccommend setting up Extended Quickslot

While if I'm understandig this correctly the problem of both games being affected by the same keyboard would still exist maybe you can differentiate the keypresses bound for player one and those only affecting player two, I never tried it myself.

Let me know if you find out, have a good one.

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