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Exporting 3ds Max animations & cutting frames


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I'm trying to edit an already existing animation in 3dsmax. I have no knowledge of 3dsmax and I've watched every tutorial I can on the topic, the topic being "how to cut frames" and then "export the animation to Skyrim".

What I want to do is to just shorten down an already existing animation. I have converted .hkx files to kf, gotten them into 3dsmax, tried editing them (and failed), was successful in exporting them as .kf files and then converting them back to hkx again.

My edited animations do not behave like they should. I'm trying to edit a few power attack animations. The problems:

1. my character performs the whole animation even though I've cut down most of the frames

2. my character performs the animation, but not as any type of attack. the animation is happening but he is just holding the sword, not swinging it like it was part of the animation.


Could someone help me out with this, or is there a place I can request help? I'm not a modder, and to be honest I feel like I've bit off more than I can chew with this task.

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