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Fix SPRINT MOD and Enhanced Camera [RoTS and Geralt's improved QOL bugfix]

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I have been looking through the files of the amazing Rise of The Sword mod, the author did an incredible job. However I found a couple of bugs/missing functionalities:


1 - The camera cannot be controlled on the X and Z axis while using a controller:


This is present also in the "Enhanced Camera mod" (Because it is taken from RoTS, but it has some extra bugs, like a not smooth shoulder transition) and in "Geralt's Improved Quality of Life" (because it includes Enhanced camera, so it has the original bug and the new ones).


I managed to fix this by editing the camera_graph.w2beh file, it was very difficult but it is done, now the camera can be fully controlled even while using a controller.



2 - The sprint function is bugged:


The author of RoTS managed to add a sprint to the Witcher 2, something I wished was in the game since launch, and it has a proper animation and transitions (instead of a 30% faster running animation like other mods)


It is however broken, as there is no way to stop geralt once he starts sprinting.


Actually there are two cases for sprinting, while not in combat (case A) and in combat (case B)

Case A:

You can turn (control geralt direction)

The only way I found to stop the sprint is by using the keybind added by mod to make geralt raise his fists (for throwing punches)


Case B:

If you enter the sprinting state while having fists raised you can turn, if you do it with a sword equipped you cannot

Either way the only way to stop is by dodgeing, pressing the spacebar.


It looks like the sprinting is only interrupted by things added or modified by the mod?


While searching I have found numerous functions related to sprinting in the scripts but I still don't have a complete picture of how the system works.

I have also found the animation in the exploration.w2beh file, where I learned I can change geralt's animation speed which translates directly to ingame movement speed




Any help is more than welcome!

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So, I have discovered first the existance of Witcher Script Studio, then how to link it to the editor. (there is no way to link it to the fullgame right?)


Then how to load a world and load a savegame.


If there is a tutorial at this point I would rather not know, the pain to understand this thing was akin to getting a Stargate to work (Just kidding, please if there is a complete tutorial I need it).



Now the excruciatingly surprising discovery: the mod works perfectly in the editor.



I have replaced the solution (the scripts) with the modded one, the config in \bin\ with mine from \documents, the .w2beh files in data with the modded ones (and my own camera_graph.w2beh)



It is the same as the full game, they are loading the same resources as far as I can tell... then why does it work in the editor and it absolutely does not in the game?! what?!

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