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Plague Doctor Mask Help


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I've looked all over the place for a good plague doctor mask and couldn't quite find what I was looking for. The closest I could find was in this mod here: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/73710?tab=description&BH=0

I just want the mask, separated from the outfit and hat, but from what I could tell, the mod has been abandoned and no SSE ports or any modification of it exist. I originally just wanted this for personal use, but a lot of other people in the comments on Steam and Nexus seem to also want the mask by itself.


I managed to get the nif file open in NifSkope and remove the hat, export it as an obj and apply UV mapping to it in Blender, but that's as far as I was able to get. I started having problems getting Python and the nif pluggin for Blender to work properly, so I tried importing the obj file back into NifSkope and saving it out as a nif, but then Creation Kit wasn't able to read it. I kept getting marker error 0, which was possibly due to not using the correct shaders in NifSkope or something.


It's all way beyond me now and I've done all I can do. I have very, very little experience with modding and I'm honestly surprised that I got this far, so I do have the obj file if you want it, but I can't guarantee that it won't be a hot mess to someone who knows what they're doing.


Beyond getting CK to recognize it, I'm not sure what else is needed to get it to work, so I hope that this isn't too much to ask.



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