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Steel versions of Orcish, Elven, etc, in leveled lists with steel stats


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So there are already plenty of steel reskins of the various armors, but it would make sense to me to have steel stats on them instead of their stats and crafting recipes requiring the given fantasy materials and also steel. Imagine going into a bandit camp and finding nordic, orcish, and elven style armor, all available in steel. Orichalcum and Moonstone seem fairly rare, so it makes sense to me that orcish and elven smiths would work in whatever metals were available, but why would they default to the imperial/nordic style of armor that is actually common to Skyrim? There could even be steel armors in the dwarven style called "Dwarven Replica Armor" or that sort of thing.


The idea of Secret of Steel is very interesting to me, but it seems to do too much to erase the elven and orcish style of smithing, in addition to just their material.


Does this seem like it would be worth making, and what sorts of compatibility issues do you think could arise from it?

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