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Oblivion Mod - Voice Actor Wanted


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Greetings, Oblivion Nexus Community!


I am the mod author behind some Oblivion epic quest and dungeon delving mods such as The Forgotten Dungeon, Archfiend and The Secrets of Angalayond Cey.

I am currently in search of a voice actor who can narrate some dialogue lines for the trailer for my next biggest modding project for Oblivion.

Those looking to audition for the voice acting position must be eligible for the following

Please read and review ALL of the following sections carefully for the voice acting position.


-Must be 20 years or older

-Must speak clear English (NO heavy accents)

-Must be able to record audio files in Mono

-Must save the files in either .mp3 or .wav format

-Must be able to record with no background or extra vocal interference (Pop filter recommended)

-This is an unpaid position.

Story and Background

My newest project will be centered around new world exploration and dungeon delving with some survival elements mixed in. The title of the mod will be Voyage: Deserts of Oblivion and will feature a new realm in the planes of Oblivion that consists of endless seas of sand and dunes. The only way to access this realm is through cursed artifacts that warp you there with no way out. Those that are teleported to the desert (Whether they are Daedra or mortals) end up lost forever exploring the dunes and looking for a way out. Bits and pieces of great ruins, fortresses and random junk also can be found drifting through the sands from locations all over the Elder Scrolls Universe. The inhabitants of the desert are forced to utilize what finds its way to the realm to survive. This project of mine draws some inspiration from Dark Souls.

This is where you come in. You are going to play the part of the narrator of the trailer. He is an unfortunate victim that has been trapped in the desert and has lived there for years on a trek through the sand.

The Character

Name: Haldorian - MALE - (Name subject to change)

Class: Fighter/wanderer/survivalist

Personality/description: Haldorian is a man that has breathlessly wandered the desert in search of answers and a way home. He searches for a way out in hopes that he can get back to his family. After so many years of surviving the desert he has become cynical, jaded, impatient and blinded to the reality that what he is looking for may no longer exist. but nevertheless remains relentless and unbreakable in the face of being forgotten to the sands. He has a deep voice and a scratchy throat.

You can use Eygon of Carim as a pretty good example of his tone of voice here:

The Audition

If you decide to audition then record yourself saying the following lines and email the recordings to me at [email protected] and I may or may not provide feedback.

"Far beyond the burning waters of Oblivion lies a place where the seas flow as sand and stretch on for what seems like eternity."


"Here in this arid hellscape, beings and structures far removed from their home of origin go to be forgotten and swallowed by the endless tide of dust and dirt."

Deadline for the audition: Auditions are CLOSED!

You can contact me via email address: [email protected]

Or through Nexus Forums

Looking forward to seeing your submissions! Thank you and best of luck!


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Audacity is free audio editing and recording software and it is pretty good. I recommend using it.

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