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Copyright and you


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Hey folks, there has been some confusion about copyrights as of late and I figured I'd clear this up both from an artist's viewpoint and as a moderator.

-Permission is not recursive unless otherwise specified by original author. If person X gives you permission to port their mod, it is not to be assumed that anybody else can freely, nor can YOU grant permission for other peoples' work.
-You must obtain permission from every single author listed unless they all have explicitly released that work for free usage
-Copyright is automatically granted to the creator of any content. Just because things are freely available on the internet doesn't mean their creators don't have the right to control their usage.
-For the love of god, if you make a mod that uses assets from another mod, please read and carry the credits on to your release. It's very common to see a person who simply ported work to Fallout be credited for the creation of the entire thing.

The terms of service/upload forms specify the following:


All files uploaded must have been created by the uploader or used with permission from the original author of the content. If you cannot provide proof of consent when asked then your file will be removed and your account is likely to be banned.

If you have received permission to use someone elses assets in your files you should always credit them. If you don't credit assets you've used from other users you will be considered a thief and you're likely to be banned; so it's very important you credit the work of others that you have used.

Note: crediting other people's work does not entitle you to use their work. You must always get permission from the creator of the work first before you upload it to the site.

Other mods, feel free to edit/append to this post concerning copyright (or post your own reply)


(Edit by LM):


This link dispels some of the copyright myths that propagate on the Internet because 'a friend told me / I read it on a forum that it is okay and not copyright infringement':


Top 10 Copyright Myth


(I found this link in a signature on Nexus, but I cannot remember whose signature it was - if you read it, thank you for bringing this site to my attention).

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