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Fate Mods (Prototype Armor and Excalibur[s])


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I was wondering if someone could create the Armor that Saber of Fate/Prototype wore. Also, if someone could make either the Stay Night and/or Prototype version of Excalibur as a weapon, that would be great.

Since the forums won't accept the extensions I provide, I'll just send the images to anyone who accepts the request.

Please let me know if you decide to take this request and when it's finished... also, PLEASE make this SSE Compatible.

SIDE NOTE: To maximize the full potential of the armor, I can also include a possible design for a helmet (the Prototype armor actually lacks one) in the form of Lancer Artoria's helmet with a white mane from Fate/Grand Order. I can also provide an image of it if you require it upon request.

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