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Equipable wings


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Hey i'm argonianlord and i was wondering if anyone could make a hak or something to add equipable wings to be used like in the Cloaks slot.

You may wonder why i'm asking this, well then i'll tell you. I need some of the vanilla wings to be used like a cloak for one of my future Modules. I need it because its gonna be one unique feature in that said module. I don't need any custom wings, the vanilla wings will do just fine. To be specific it is the red dragon wings i need to function as a cloak. To make these equipable i think someone would have to work with the last patch/update for neverwinter nights 1.

Yes this is for neverwinter nights 1. So if any of you guys and/or gals can do this for me i'll be very thankful

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What Werelynx said would probably be the best solution, especially since the wings have animations

which they'll keep if the wings are added by a script. Not sure if those animations could be 'transfered'

to a cloak. You'd just need a cloak model that doesn't add a visible cloak. Then when this cloak is

equipped you change the wing appearance to the ones you want and remove them when the cloak is


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You could script that upon wearing the cloak, the wing appearence is changed to X and when the cloak is removed then they disappear.

Else, try Bioware Social Forums.


Your solution sounds like it would work, although i have no idea where or what i need to type that script. So if you don't mind, what exactly do i need to do?

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Here is how I did it...


Use tag based scripting and the OnEquip / OnUnequip scripts to apply effects when an item is equipped or unequipped.


I did this a lot in my modified version of Realms of Netheria.


Here's a vid from a playlist of some of the work I did. It shows the approach you are looking for being applied when I created leveling Legendary Weaponry:



It applies weapon modofiers, but can also be an equippable or usable toggle item that will add or remove wings as a player appearance tail/wing model. We had a lot of custom subraces with appearance and ability toggles/items.


The mod also has a built in appearance modifier for tail and wings which would be good for getting the values u need for your script. It is downloadable somewhere out there on the interwebs if you want to see the original scripts.


Also, cloaks could hide or show wings, but sounds like you want to toggle them as equipped vs not equipped...like a wearable cosmetic item.

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