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Searching for a outifit preset mod


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Hi all.

I have a warrior outfit with plates and high defence.
I have a thief outfit with dark clothes.
I have a charism outfit.

Is there any mod or way to save each one, and click on a button to change from one to another?

Thanks to you, and sorry for my bad english.

Stitry :)

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There are various mods that can provide outfit swapping. I don't use any of them, or more specifically I don't use outfit swapping mods (actually I think that I might have one mod installed that provides the option to do outfit swapping, I just don't use that feature) but I have seen them on nexus and at LL.


I'd recommend checking in the utilities mods section at Nexus and also using search with terms like "outfit" and "outfit manager" and so forth.

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The closest thing i can think of if there is a console command to add items to certain body parts you can do a bind key for a string of console commands. That's if there is a console command to equip items by item ID to different body parts, if you can get in touch with the creator of the mod Cheat i believe he knows how to script console commands and can add them to his cheat mod if he was inclined to do it.

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