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I'm so tired of the characters casually walking into the grease/entangle/pit where there is a clear path around between them and the target. Most games of this type already have the feature that, by default, the characters don't walk into a dangerous area of effect unless you actually click on the area OR there is no path around it.
Yes, you can micromanage and click 312 times around the area, but it's tedious, stupid and very difficult to do without wasting movement (the hitboxes of the aoe spells are also really bad and don't help with this).
So, is there a mod that makes the characters go around the dangerous spells/effects?

thank you

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Currently there is no mod that does that, sorry to inform you about that but it would be a completely new AI script and that wouldn't be that easy to implement. (not sure if I am thinking this right but it would be altering the current AI system.)

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