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I would like Virgil's Cave, Protectron and Turrets to be part of a Settlement that you can take ownership of post cure, when his belongings are no longer marked as owned.

-I would like human Virgil to become a unique settler who can be moved and assigned to a caravan.

-I would like his supermutant outfit-labcoat-rags to be placed in the workshop so you can make Strong wear it if you so wish.

-I would like Virgil to wear the correct divisions apparel post transformation, although this is not essential as I have seen a mod that does this, although for compatibility and load order's sake it would be preferable.

-Finally I would like his Protectron to be an Automatron rather than a vanilla entity so we can use modded paints on it, faction paints for example.


Thank you for reading, take care!

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