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How do I increase the effect of mirroring an attackers angle when defending?


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I would like to modify the game so that pulling off master strokes and parries is harder for both npcs and players, unless the defender is mirroring the angle of the attack when attempting to counter, in which case it is easier than in vanilla. This will make combos, feints, and offensive play more viable, and make the master stroke require some level of mastery from the player other than fast phalanges.


I already know how to adjust the probability of npcs performing different maneuvers in combat from blocks to dodges, and the windows players have to do the same.

My question is this:

How do I make defense angle have a greater affect on Perfect block time slots?




Another thing I've been interested in is blocking attacks from behind.

I've noticed that enemies occasionally block attacks from behind them. How can I make Henry do the same thing, using the green shield indicator as a sixth sense to know when he is getting attacked? This is to make 1vx situations more bearable.


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