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Editing a mod used to retexture Animated Dragon Wings


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I found this mod on Skyrim Nexus mods and I wanted to use it to edit the Alduin wings in the Animated Dragon Wings SE


It is an Oldrim mod, but it works just fine.



There is just one problem.


The mod only gives me the medium sized Alduin wings, despite me setting the Animated Dragon Wings to large, 150% size.

By using mesh from ADW, and Mesh from Green Glowy Texture pack, I was able to get large Alduin wings with turquoise coloration, and no glow.


I tried enlarging the Mesh in Nifskope, but I could not figure out how to update the mod file.


Also, by the looks of it, Animated Dragon Wings also only has 1 mesh for each dragon wing type, and no separate ones for each size.


So does anyone know how to fix this problem?

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