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[LE] Script Effects

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Hi Nexus


I'm still relatively new to modding, and do not understand the nature of some "script effect" archetypes in the Creation Kit.


For example; the Imperial Luck ability (chance to find extra gold).


I can see the RaceImperial ability, which is inherent to imperials, and applies the RaceImperialLuckEffect (so far, so good)

But in the effect, I don't see how it works. I see no perks to apply, no papyrus scripts, no magnitudes or anything. The only things to identify it is "Constant Effect - Self - and Effect Archetype: Script"





So how does it work exactly? What's the script it activates, and how can I see it/Imitate it?
(The end product here is I want to create a similar effect where Bosmer have a chance to harvest extra pelts from animals)




P.s. The Dragonborn priest masks have a similar way of adding their Fire/Shock/Frost damage bonuses, where I can only see an empty, no-magtiude "script archetype" effect.



Any help much appreciated, thank you.

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You have Leveled Item "LootImperialLuck"

In this Leveled Item you have few golds that have 0% chance to show in inventory


but % is based on GlobalVariable which can be change by anything

- Script

- Spell

- Perk


just anything


"LootImperialLuck" is item used by 125 objects in Vanilla Game

objects like, chests, dead bodies etc.


GlobalVariable: -> ImperialLuck

LeveledItem: -> LootImperialLuck



If You open this Global Variable in Your CK You may saw that value is 100

does that mean that You have 100% chance for loot ?...


No... its chance to NOT have loot...


100% = Not to have

0% = to have


set value to 70 to have


70% = Not to have extra loot

30% = to have extra loot



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As Tobi written to you:

TESVEdit loaded with

 + Spell  (Ability, 0.0, Constant Effect)
    RaceImperial ""Imperial Luck"" [SPEL:000EB7EB]
    Description    "Anywhere gold coins might be found, Imperials always seem to find a few more."

 + MagicEffect
    RaceImperialLuckEffect ""Imperial Luck"" [MGEF:0010EAD0]
    Archtype Script

inside the papyrus source folder

Skyrim   \ Data \ Scripts \ Source
SkyrimSE \ Data \ Source \ Scripts

you will find some scripts that use the GlobalVariable

Scriptname DLC2GoldPileScript extends ObjectReference
      GlobalVariable property ImperialLuck Auto                    ; ***
Scriptname QF_PerksQuest_0005F596 Extends Quest Hidden
      globalvariable Property GlobalPerkDaedricMind  Auto  
      GlobalVariable Property GlobalPerkGoldenTouch  Auto
      GlobalVariable Property GlobalImperialLuck  Auto  

      GlobalVariable Property SpecialLootChance  Auto  
      GlobalVariable Property PerkMasterTrader  Auto  

      GlobalVariable Property SpeechAverage  Auto  
      GlobalVariable Property SpeechEasy  Auto  
      GlobalVariable Property SpeechHard  Auto  
      GlobalVariable Property SpeechVeryHard  Auto
Scriptname QF__0114A0EF Extends Quest Hidden
      GlobalVariable Property GlobalImperialLuck  Auto
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So if I wanted to make a script so that Bosmer had, say, a 50% chance to gain 1 extra hide from looted animals...

I would have to create a new leveled list for every animal, apply that to their loot table.
And then make a script which checks for GlobalBosmer"Luck" or whatever, and...


Well this is a bit over my head, I'm afraid :( - really a "noob" when it comes to Skyrim modding.

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