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Castlevania lords of shadow mod


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If anyone like me loves skyrim and dawngaurd and also loves lords of shadow, then you might just as well be roleplaying lords of shadow in skyrim.

I want to make a mod that takes armor and abilities from the lords of shadow games and incoraperate them into skyrim. I saw that there was a gabriel belmont armor and now its been deleted. anybody know why? My vision.


my vision


dawngaurd will be a necessary download in order to play because i want to make full use of the vampire lord form and also i want to incorporate the royal bloodline perk tree mod.


i want there to be a dracul armor (as seen in the lords of shadow 2 trailer) maybe a destruction spells that creates an energy whip( if possible) i would like to take the vampire lord abilities such as bats and mist and maybe combine them somehow so that in your "human form" you can teleport like bats the power but with mist instead.

a second perk tree for the vampire lord or regular perk system.

Path of the dragon

perks can be as follows smoke dragon.....Takes the form of a dragon but composed of vampiric mist ( maybe use racing dragons 3 burning skies as a template?)

im open to suggestions


i have more ideas

if anyone would like to contribute or help just post,


comments & thoughts will be appreciated.

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WOW it's been like 8 years and no one has respond yet dude i am so disappointed in humanity. btw i really like the idea cause i like both games a lot actually now that i think of it i love them both i would like to help with that but since i have no exp in modding or such i am no use.

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