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Help with Priority Earth "Overhaul Mod - v1.5.1 (Executable Installer)-766-1-5-1-1567636748"


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Hi, i start this topic cause i would like to have some informations about a very small issue i had with the mod "Priority Earth Overhaul Mod - v1.5.1 (Executable Installer)-766-1-5-1-1567636748" for Mass Effect 3.


The probleme is the following one : when i start the last mission of the game Priority : Earth, i had some audio trouble, for example the first time i play the end Hackett was speaking in english, then the second time he was speaking in french, but after that Joker say "approching Helios relay" and during the priority you can talk to some characters of the games that are on other places on the planet, the guys ask me in english who i want to speak with, i choose (choosing option in french) answer in english, but my talk with the characters i contact is in french, and there's a lot of other stuff like that during this mission, speaking to team mates in english where i always had the french audio when i play before the mods.


So my question is this one : is it possible to "force" the game to play the french audio when one exist ? Cause all that talk with team mates and characters/friends exist in french.


(I always had the french subtitles through the mission) but i would like to play full french with all the great add from mods, and its only this mission who have englis/french mixed audio, did you know if what i ask is possible and if it is, how i could do that ?


Thanks if you taking the time to read it ;p


P.S. : If there's something not clear, dont hesitate to ask me to clear it ^^


Have a great day ^^

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