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Fur Fighters


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This is a game I enjoyed growing up.


Not because of the furry implications, but I guess for doing something Overwatch kinda does now; giving all of the characters you play as different or special abilities.

Granted, playing as any character in this title, you had access to all weapons; but each character you loaded into the game would have a special ability around levels.


Such as playing the cat, you could climb walls, The dragon being the only character who can glide, another character with the ability to shrink and reduce his hitbox, all that fun stuff.


This game, however, never got a digital re-release;

I tracked the title's releases from Dreamcast, PC, PS2 and finally the Iphone where 'the buck' stops there.


There hasn't been any other word on the game nor has there been re-releases or any word from the developer on the title, treating it as a simple paycheck; which in today's world is all you can ask for.




With laptops and other computers scrapping the disk drives in favor of DIGITAL MEDIA... I kinda came up with my own alternative; I had a disk drive, a spare 2GB usb for small storage such as documents and legacy hardware and a physical copy of Fu- if I hadn't put 2 and 2 together, I ripped the disk image and burned the ISO to the USB.


Hilariously? It works; Fur Fighters was one of those games that required the CD as a form of Anti-Piracy and the No-CD crack doesn't work on newer machines or even has had an update to go with digital media. I still have to leave the USB plugged in to play the game to bypass THAT security measure, but I've been playing this classic on my new laptop where they ripped out the need for that CD drive.


Though that's my work-around to get this classic working without the need of CD-image mounting software, just plug the sucker in and play the game.


Lately, I'm considering developing a mod for the classic and Give Fur Fighters a slight overhaul. The PS2 and Iphone have new, more detailed colorful art renders and voice acting. The PC version is running off an earlier build of Dreamcast and all of the model files from the levels to the characters and enemies are intact can be copied over and pulled apart for some editing.


.... Though I guess that's me. Any others out there in the sea of the internet here remember this Shooter?

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Fur Fighters was also my favorite game alongside Rayman 2 and Kao the Kangaroo as a kid.

I wish they would release it on steam someday. I mean the developers of Kao the Kangaroo and Ty the tasmanian tiger did the same thing and they got massive support from the fans.

I found this Tweet where one of the devs is trying to get the right for it and we might get a switch release.

I still own my dreamcast copy of it but the console broke a long time ago.
I really wanna play it on my pc but i dont trust sellers online which makes my only hope for it to release on steam.

Glad to see other people talking about this underrated game.

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