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Screenshot Competition: Winners and Prizes


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Wow thanks a lot. <3

I had so much fun with RDR2 and the screenshot tool. If you like those three shots you should visit the gallery because there are a lot more really good pictures..tbh I did not expect to win anything looking at the competition. :D


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In response to post #76416993. #76417068 is also a reply to the same post.

Skybroom wrote: Both 2nd and 3rd shots are not flawless. The male figure tilt in the 2nd picture is dramatic and glorious, but unfortunately some object on the ground obstructs the view of man's feet which looks hilarious to me. I think there's no need to argue about what the shoes mean to man's look.

The 3rd picture is worse. That tree in the middle of the composition not only provoke the sun rays beautiful splitting, it also pins the rider and his horse to the spot. I wonder how they can move.
Skybroom wrote: In the 1st shot I don't like the straight line of three cactuses.

you guys are too picky!
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